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PPG Electroclear Electrophoretic Lacquer

An acrylic basecoat from PPG for use on electroplated finished metal surfaces which will enhance the protection of the topcoat and decorative purpose.A full range of colours are available.

ATPAD Palladium Plating Process

A series of palladium and palladium alloy plating processes. Applicable to electronic and decorative industries, with bright and white deposits.

ATSIL Silver Plating Process

A complete series of silver plating processes for both the electronic and decorative industries.

ATGOLD Gold Plating Process

A complete sereis of gold plating processes to meet the requirements of various industries, from good abrasive resistance, bondability for electronic components to vibrantly coloured, elegant looking requirements for decorative applications.

ATSOLDER Tin Plating Process

Environmental and user friendly tin plating processes with excellent solderability, which can meet the customers needs and improve the competing edge.

ATPOP Plating on Plastic process

Pretreatment and plating process for different plastic materials. It provides the plastic substrate with excellent adhesive force and an outstanding functional and brilliant topcoat.

ATSTRIP Stripping Process

Provides for defective plated parts a service of stripping processes.

ATALUM Plating on Aluminum process

Pretreatment and plating processes for aluminum and aluminum alloys, applicable to the electronic and automobile idustry.

ATALLOY Alloy Plating Pr- ocess

Highly decorative appearance of the tin-cobalt, tin- nickel, copper-tin and nickel-iron alloy plating process.

ATCHROME Chromium Plating Process

Excellent process for decorative and hard chromium plating process.

ATNIC Nickel Plating Pr-ocess

A full range of nickel plating processes for barrel plating, rack plating, high speed plating, pearl nickel plating, electroless processes with various phosphorus contents and multilayered nickel process for good corrosion resistance requirements.

ATCOP Copper Plating Process

A high-performance bright-alkaline copper plating process.